Ecofeeder  na malý balík 1x1.5 m

23.00 € 23.00 € 23.0 EUR

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Save time and haj with the Ecofeeder! 

And your horse will never be hungry again. That's what they call a 'win-win'situation :). 

For 15-20kg ha, with stronger material than the Budget ecofeeder

Material: polypopylene

Wire measure: 4mm x 4mm wire

Color: Black

Mesh size: 45 mm - with this mesh size, your horse will eat only a bit slower

For one 500kg horse, a full haynet should last for 36 hours.

You shold hang the net on two corners. You close the net with a wire. Good netter will be able to close the net in 30 seconds.

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